Welcome Robyn and Maria are two drop dead gorgeous photographers that lie about their looks but take killer photographs. We are a little bit like AC/DC, totally different but put us together and we make really great loud music. Except we don't make music we make pictures. Pretty damn good ones if you ask us.
I know I said it before, but these two are so cute! (I get all giddy over snugly couples!)
We started their session at the Land's End hiking trail, and were just going to go straight from there to The Matrix Fillmore (since that's where they went on their second date where they ended up making-out on a Tuesday night :)) but Ariel was telling me about her furry feline stepchild who she refuses to accept as her own- Jonathan's cat, Issac, so I convinced them to go by their place for a few pics of the happy combined family :) and then we headed over to the Matrix.  Jonathan, along with his grandfather, owns Cable Car Clothiers, one of the city's oldest and finest haberdasheries downtown, and as such Jonathan loves to get dressed up. And Ariel doesn't do such a bad job either! In fact, she kinda makes me sick- she works for Dryers and taste tests ice cream for a living! How you can eat ice cream for a living, and look like her I don't understand, but so it goes. I just looked on enviously and took pictures.

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Kristen Jensen:

Ah! You two are so cute. I LOVE the token bow tie and the shot of you two in hats. I am so excited for the wedding photos! Nice Job Robyn