Welcome Robyn and Maria are two drop dead gorgeous photographers that lie about their looks but take killer photographs. We are a little bit like AC/DC, totally different but put us together and we make really great loud music. Except we don't make music we make pictures. Pretty damn good ones if you ask us.
A Doctor + A Scientist = A really smart Love.
These two met on the water ski team their first year in college, and have been by each others side through their many many (many) years of school since! They live in Minnesota but came out to California to get married at Chris's parent's house (where her dad built an entire deck so guests could sit on top of the pool!)

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Kristen Jensen:

Chris and Matt, how happy you look! I love that I can see your personality shine through Verite's amazing photos!! You can see how in love you are!!

Chris Desautels:

We love the photos! So much fun and so exciting! Thank you, Robyn. :)