Welcome Robyn and Maria are two drop dead gorgeous photographers that lie about their looks but take killer photographs. We are a little bit like AC/DC, totally different but put us together and we make really great loud music. Except we don't make music we make pictures. Pretty damn good ones if you ask us.
Maria and I may have a new favorite place to do photo shoots; it's a place called Oakland.
Being based in "the city", we tend to act like that is the only one, but thankfully Albert and Andrea are avid Oakland lovers and livers, and they showed us all sorts of great architecture, food, and views over there in that far away land across the bay. And we were instantly sold! I do suspect that our perception was tainted due to the fact that we were having such a good time hanging out with these two and their infectious laughter though! These guys have been dating for 15 years, and as such, tried to convince us they were over the cutesy-wootesy-lovey-dovey phase, but we think they've still got a good amount left in 'em!
We're so excited for their wedding in two weeks when we'll get to photograph those fabulous big smiles all day!

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