Welcome Robyn and Maria are two drop dead gorgeous photographers that lie about their looks but take killer photographs. We are a little bit like AC/DC, totally different but put us together and we make really great loud music. Except we don't make music we make pictures. Pretty damn good ones if you ask us.
When these two first met it was at an out-of-town conference and, after learning they were from the same area, Steve offered Lauren a ride home . . . in his plane. How's that for making a first impression!

Well, this wedding was 10 years, and lots of obstacles in the making, but here they are! And these guys couldn't be happier to be here, together at last. They express their happiness by kissing a lot- much to the disapproval of Steve's kids (see my favorite "ewwe gross!" picture down below! :))

Ever so appropriately, they got married at the Aviation Museum in Redwood City.

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